Better Than A Bedazzler: Specialty Sewing Threads To Make Your Projects Sparkle

If you just want to add a little sparkle to your garments and accessories, there are specialty sewing threads you can use for your different projects. You may not have been aware of the existence of these threads, which may make it even more exciting to you when you discover them. Here is just a sampling of the beautiful and fascinating threads you can use to decorate your clothes.

Gold and Silver Threads

These threads are real gold and silver. Some manufacturers take simple cotton, linen, or silk thread and dip them into the precious metals, but there are also threads that are fine strands of purest metal. They have been used by clothiers to royalty for centuries, and you can use them too. Just be aware that you will pay the jeweler's price for the pure metal threads. The dipped natural threads will be pricier than standard threads, but they also cost less than the pure metal strands. These are often used sparingly by crafters and sewers to add little decorative touches, but you can use as much of them as you can afford.

Glitter Threads

These threads have a mylar or plastic metallic strands woven through them to add a glittery effect to their appearance. When you cannot afford gold and silver strands, this is a very affordable option. If you use a bobbin of glitter thread on your sewing machine, be sure to use a large-eyed sewing needle to allow the metallic strands twisted into the cotton thread to fit through. This type of sewing needle on your machine will prevent breakage of the thread. You can buy several different colors of glitter thread, all of which are perfect for crafting party dresses or prom wear.

Metallic Embroidery Floss

Embroidery floss is several thread-strands thick so that it presents a very pronounced pattern when used to stitch anything on a cloth garment, accessory, or home good. The threads have been dipped in a special dye that contains Lurex, a chemical adhesion process that makes everything very shiny. If you want your stitches to be seen, or if your sewing machine has embroidery applications, then you can use the metallic embroidery floss to produce rich, tapestry-like designs on everything you want to add some sparkle to. You can also use weaving looms to produce cloth from strands of Lurex-infused embroidery floss, but it will take a very long time to produce enough of your own cloth this way.

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