Tick, Tock: Avoid Wasting Time When Searching for Horology and Time-Themed Books

In the book Peter Pan, time is a constant theme. Boys who never grow up and pirate captains who are afraid of crocodiles that have swallowed clocks and pocket watches all illustrate Sir James Barrie's fascination with horology. Horology is the study of time and timekeepers, and if this ultimately describes you, then maybe you would like to waste no further time and start reading up on the subject. Here are some ways to avoid wasting time while finding books on the subject and some names of other literary works with time themes in them.

Search Words That Take You to Horology Books for Sale

When you are looking for books in general on horology, search for these terms:

  • Clock-making and clock makers
  • Sundials
  • Cuckoo clocks of Bavaria and Austria
  • Swiss timepieces
  • Grandfather clocks
  • Watchmaking and watchmakers
  • Making timepieces as a hobby

All of these, including horology itself, should bring you to dozens of books on the subject of time from several bookseller websites and e-tailers. Do avoid searching for "time" in general, as you will end up with a litany of science fiction, fantasy, and romance fiction novels that have that word in their titles.

Other Literary Works in Fiction That Might Fascinate You

Horologists, or people who are fascinated by stories about time and everything related to it, may find that they are drawn to literary works of fiction and poetry that contain time themes. If you also want to read fiction that has time themes in it, there is quite a lot of that.

Besides modern stories about time-travel, you may find these older stories and poems of interest:

Alice in Wonderland and Alice through the Looking Glass: In both of these novels, Alice is chasing a white rabbit with a pocket watch. The rabbit keeps chirping, "No time! No time! I'm late!" and Alice's primary focus is on chasing the rabbit and his watch. She encounters the bending of time and space along the way.

The Telltale Heart and Other Stories (by Edgar Allen Poe): The telltale heart continues to beat, like a rhythmic heart, through the floorboards after a servant has supposedly murdered his master. He finds that it is his master's watch the has created the constant ticking. Poe's poem "The Raven" also deals with time, the midnight hour, and so forth. You may find that this is a running theme in many of Poe's works.

A Wrinkle in Time: Perhaps one of the most recognized works on the subject of time and moving through it, this story bends and twists your mind into thinking about time in a whole new way.

There are many others, but these should get you started on reading about horology and reading horology fiction. Visit a store such as TED CROM BOOKS to get some of these books.

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