Good Money And An Exciting Hobby: Drone Racing Pilots Are Flying High

Do you have mad skills as a drone pilot? Have you ever watched a drone race on television and thought that it might be something you would be really good at doing? Are you also interested in, perhaps, making a cool six figures? Then what are you waiting for? It sounds like the perfect time to start your next hobby -- or even career -- as a racing drone pilot. 

The New Hot Sport

Drone racing is a very young sport. According to CNBC, drone racing got its official start about five years ago in Australia. But even though it is still an infant in comparison to a lot of other sports, many believe that drone racing could be the next big thing. Its competitions have already attracted a number of big-name sponsors, including GoPro and Ernst and Young, and in 2016, ESPN began airing Drone Racing League (DRL) races. Many drone competitions -- believe it or not -- now offer huge prizes. So if you've always wanted to get in on a sport while it's still getting off the ground, drone racing could be the perfect choice for you. 

What You Will Need

To become a successful drone racer, you should:

  • Have good reflexes: cat-like reflexes and excellent hand-eye coordination are necessary to navigate the obstacle courses. 
  • Be mechanically inclined: the best racers are constantly modifying and tinkering with their drones to get the most speed out of them. 

The most important step that you can take in order to become a championship racing drone pilot is to practice as often as you possibly can. According to RCGroups, you will also need lots and lots of drone batteries so that your practice time won't have to be cut short by a dead drone. Hours of practice is the only way that you'll develop the skills necessary to race against other pilots. Plus, those extra batteries will also be necessary at your races. Each heat typically requires one battery, and having extras on hand is easier than carrying a charging station.

It's also important not to just practice in wide open fields. Drone races typically include obstacles, corridors, and changes in altitude. So you'll want to find an area that will allow you to learn how to control a drone at speed around and through various obstacles. 

From all indications, drone racing could be the sport of the future. And if you're interested in participating, this might be the best time to get involved.   

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