Three Reasons To Use Personalized Note Cards For Your Service Business

If you own a service-oriented business, it can be difficult to stay positioned in front of your customers since they don't have a product in hand. Personalized note cards are one way to solve this challenge. 

1. Gratitude

Never underestimate the power of simply saying thank you. Expressing gratitude to your clients can help you stand out from your competitors, which can help secure customer loyalty. Send a small personalized note card whenever the situation seems to warrant it. For example, when a client makes a large purchase or if they are especially patient when a service doesn't go exactly as planned. It also makes sense to send out annual thank you cards, either near the end of the year or for seasonal businesses, such as landscaping services, at the end of the normal service season. 

2. Reminders

You don't want to lose business simply because you have slipped your customer's mind. Services that are only offered periodically, such as dental cleanings, annual furnace checkups, or roof inspections, can easily be forgotten if you don't reach out. Flyers and postcards often go straight to the recycling bin without a second look, but a nice personalized note card in an envelope in more likely to garner your client's attention.

Send out reminders about four to six weeks before your client is due for a service. Most people forget about periodic services until right before they need them, so jogging the client's memory a bit early encourages them to call you and make an appointment right away.

3. Celebrations

There are two types of celebrations in regards to a service business. The first is a common celebration and the second is a personal celebration. Common celebrations are typically seasonal, such as Christmas or the beginning of the spring season. For these types of celebrations, you may want to send out personalized notes to your best customers to let them know of any new services you are launching for the season or special holiday deals you have on offer. 

The second type can further be divided into two sections. There are your business's personal celebrations, such as an anniversary sale, and then there are client's celebrations. For your business celebrations, it's appropriate to announce a discount or special deal in the note cards you send out. For client celebrations, such as their birthday, you can simply send a personalized celebration card or you can include a discount that is just for them and not available to the rest of your clients at this time. 

Note cards give a personal touch to your business, so consider ordering some today. For more tips on sending out personalized note cards, contact a local crafts store today.

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