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Tick, Tock: Avoid Wasting Time When Searching for Horology and Time-Themed Books

In the book Peter Pan, time is a constant theme. Boys who never grow up and pirate captains who are afraid of crocodiles that have swallowed clocks and pocket watches all illustrate Sir James Barrie’s fascination with horology. Horology is the study of time and timekeepers, and if this ultimately describes you, then maybe you would like to […]

Better Than A Bedazzler: Specialty Sewing Threads To Make Your Projects Sparkle

If you just want to add a little sparkle to your garments and accessories, there are specialty sewing threads you can use for your different projects. You may not have been aware of the existence of these threads, which may make it even more exciting to you when you discover them. Here is just a […]

Interior Decorating Tips For Beginners

Are you tired of the way your home looks inside? Are you wanting to update your interior design, but you’re not quite sure where to start? Decorating can be a difficult task for some people. If you’re having a hard time choosing how each room should be decorated, here are some tips that can help […]

2 Tricky Tips to Track Down Real Silver Jewelry and Coins in Your Collection

If you are digging through your treasure trove of jewelery and collectibles to find something you can take into gold and silver buyers for cash, you will often find that silver is one of the more difficult materials to narrow down and separate from other metals. Real gold is usually pretty easy to spot. With […]